Bunjamini EPS EN

Worldwide, 40% of energy is consumed by buildings and homes. Nearly 40% of the heat in a home loses through the walls of the house. The heating costs can be reduced by up to 55% with the installation of an efficient thermal insulation system. To achieve the same result as an efficient home insulation, the walls of the house would have to have a thickness of 8 meters.

Thermo-isolating system

  1. The thermo-insulating adhesive should be attached to the thermal insulating panels and on the exterior walls. Styrokol is a modified adhesive with a high quality components that provides high adhesion and elasticity
  2. After the application of the adhesive on the polystrene boards, the adhesion of the thermal insulating panels Bunjamini EPS starts;
  3. Following the adhesion of the Bunjamini EPS thermal insulation panels, the reinforcement netting, that gives the system strength and mechanical stability added, is applied;
  4. After joining and covering the Styrokol reinforcement mesh can be processed with the application of decorative and colored facade;

Through modern technology we aim to provide our customers with the best quality home insulation products and contribute to a healthy ecological environment. The expanded polystrene can be ordered in all desired thicknesses.